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This family was having a hard time trying to get a new car for their growing family. Since they had several collections, it was really affecting their scores. With scores of 547 in Equifax, 621 in TransUnion, and 541 in Experian. After they went through our program we helped them remove all those collections and we were able to increase their scores up to 622 in Equifax, 701 in TransUnion, 646 in Experian. Then finally they were able to buy their brand new car.


This young lady was trying to refinance her house but was rejected because of bad credit. While working with her we saw she had several inquiries that were able to bring her score down to 595 in Equifax, 647 in TransUnion, and 588 in Experian. We helped her repair her credit report and removed all her inquiries. Which brought up all her scores up to 684 in Equifax, 675 in TransUnion, 672 in Experian. Now she successfully got her house refinanced.


This young individual got his dream car after going through our program. He had several unpaid student loans that impacted his credit scores negatively. With scores of 549 in Equifax, 549 in TransUnion, and 550 in Experian. We helped him dispute all those late payments and got his scores up to 637 in Equifax, 683 in TransUnion, 633 in Experian.


This gentleman was having a difficult time getting accepted for a new American Express credit card. When reviewing his credit report he had several collections and inquiries. Making his scores as low as 496 in Equifax, 439 in TransUnion, and 499 in Experian. After working with him we were able to remove all collections and inquiries, his score going up to 612 in Equifax, 630 in TransUnion, 656 in Experian. Lastly, he is now able to get approved for his American express credit card. 


This  lady was not getting approved for a mortgage loan. And with our credit repair service, we were able to remove all collections in her credit report which were affecting her credit scores. Her scores started off with 647 in Equifax, 657 in TransUnion, and 642 in Experian. Now her scores went up by 686 in Equifax, 691 in TransUnion, 697 in Experian. Now she is able to apply for a mortgage loan without any trouble.


This young lady had several late payments that were affecting her score tremendously but. With our service, we helped this young lady out. Her scores started out with 475 in Equifax, 477 in TransUnion, and 474 in Experian. We removed all her late payments from her credit report. With scores of 625 in Equifax, 623 in TransUnion, 657 in Experian. She is now enjoying a clean record with zero derogatory marks.


After our program, this couple was able to buy their dream home. They had several collections and inquiries that were making a big impact on their credit score. With scores of 603 in Equifax, 589 in TransUnion, and 600 in Experian. After helping them we helped them bring their scores up to 680 in Equifax, 671 in TransUnion, 649 in Experian. Now this couple is ready to apply for a mortgage.


This veteran was having a difficult time trying to buy a new car. The reason for this was that she had several late payments causing her to have very low credit scores. With scores of 595 in Equifax, 590 in TransUnion, and 593 in Experian. After working with us we were able to remove all her late payments and brought her score to 665 in Equifax, 634 in TransUnion, 658 in Experian. Finally, she was able to buy a new car.


This single mother had a case of identity theft, and because of that, it affected her score tremendously. With scores being 491 in Equifax, 437 in TransUnion, and 540 in Experian. After disputing all inaccuracies in her credit report we were able to increase her scores to 633 in Equifax, 637 in TransUnion, 629 in Experian. Now she's back on track.


This young individual wanted a new home but got into a car wreck that he had so many medical payments he couldn’t afford to pay so they were sent to collections. That brought his scores down to 475 in Equifax, 477 in TransUnion, and 474 in Experian. At the end of our program, this individual had no more collections which brought his scores up to 625 in Equifax, 623 in TransUnion, 657 in Experian. Finally, he was able to buy a house. 


This couple was trying to do a cash out but was not getting approved. They had several late payments that were affecting their scores severely. With scores of 493 in Equifax, 493 in TransUnion, and 519.  While they were in our program we helped them dispute all late payments. Now their scores are at 645 in Equifax, 693 in TransUnion, 718 in Experian. Now they are able to get two loans to refinance and buy another home.


This young lady was embarrassed of her credit scores because of the mistakes she made early on in life. She had late payment, collections, and inquiries which really dropped her scores to 475 in Equifax, 477 in TransUnion, and 474. After repairing her credit report she is now at 601 in Equifax, 624 in TransUnion, 662 in Experian. We were happy to get her back on track now she knows how credit works.

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